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Gulf Kayak Academy – GKA

Gulf Kayak Academy

The Gulf Kayak Academy (GKA) is the first of its kind in the GCC, offering an exciting trifecta of adventure, fitness, and nature.

Enjoy the sea and sun of the Arabian Gulf with our world-class instructors and quality kayaking equipment. Our trainers hold international gold medals, sport university degrees, and the highest kayaking certifications. They’ll train you in the ins and outs of kayaking, helping to fully (and safely) enjoy yourself in the open sea.

Our unique courses are available for kayakers of all ages and levels, starting from complete beginners to professional athletes. You can take Gulf Kayak Academy courses during-the week or on weekdays, choosing to take group classes or private sessions. We train according to the British Canoe Union (BCU) standards and International Sea Kayaking Guide Association (ISKGA) – this means that your GKA certification will allow you to kayak globally in a number of adventurous settings.

At the core of the Gulf Kayak Academy is a deep love for nature and wildlife, we aim to spread awareness of environmental issues and to preserve the earth’s marine ecosystems. GKA hopes to train a new generation of eco-conscious kayakers that are committed to the wellness of both themselves
and the planet.